I want us to talk about how to be married to [God]- about how, through the ups and downs and the routine of life, we can learn to spend time with God, enjoy him, and be conformed to His will. Anybody can 'date' God. The truly mature seek to be His faithful, lifelong companions... How do we learn to love God, day in and day out, through the seasons of life? How do we keep this love fresh? How do we grow in our adoration and understanding of God?
-Sacred Pathways, Gary Thomas

i like this idea of being married to God, to learn to love Him every day, spending time with Him whether it's boring or exciting at the moment. i miss the joy i had in high school and the beginning of college from being with Him each morning, knowing Him so closely, hearing His voice, having His Word truly written in my heart and always on my mind... unfortunately, consistency is not one of my strengths, in any area of my life, i've been learning these last few years, especially when i don't have a set schedule or my mom to encourage me to continue on each day.

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