as i drove back home from tennessee last monday, thinking back on memories made during my time there, i realized that the fun times and experiences i had this summer are not what made me love nolensville. it wasn't the atmosphere or the place or the things we did that i fell in love with... it was the people. although i was glad i took so many pictures and made so many journal entries, i realized pictures and memories on paper are not enough, what i will miss is who they are... i'll miss seeing the way they smile and the way they walk, hearing the way they talk and laugh and sing, i miss their feigned strength, their loudness, quietness, boldness, shyness. i miss their humanness, and i miss getting to be around them on a day to day basis. i miss seeing God working in each of them, glimpses of joy in their reactions and words. it was an amazing blessing to be able to infiltrate their lives, to watch them interact and grow and love one another, if only for a few months. and i am so thankful.
as i close my post, "ain't no holla back girl" plays on the radio. i find this both funny and ironic.
i love you, nolensville. i won't forget you.

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