The fact that men and women were created in God's image is particularly significant. God's plan for community and unity was based on the equality of the human beings God had created and on their equal participation and full partnership. The Hebrew words 'ezer knegdo are used as a descriptor for woman in Genesis 2:18. 'ezer is frequently translated as "helper," which some have come to interpret or understand as an inferior or one in a supporting role. Unlike the English word "helper," the Hebrew 'ezer implies no inferiority; in fact, this word most frequently (fifteen of twenty-one uses) refers to God in the Old Testament, meaning protector or rescuer. Its modifier, knegdo, means "suitable," "face to face," "equivalent to," or "visible," and indicates that God created an equivalent human being to be a good companion for man. This rules out authority and subordination for either man or woman.
Called & Gifted; Covenant Publications

wow. i feel empowered, valuable. like i'm not second-class, like Someone loves me and believes in me and has made me so He can use me. that feels good. i didn't know i felt otherwise before.

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I love my heather.