my roommates are amazing. i love that they always surprise me, always impress me, always encourage me. that when i am with them i sit in joy and laugh and learn and am blessed. and they will listen and hold me and be real with me and share who they really are with me and remind me of how good He is. their faces as they share the excitement of what God has taught them or how they're struggling and long to be further in their faith. they are so genuine and real and deep and beautiful. they are flying, whirling, spinning, living so alive. and they take me for surprise when i think i know them so well because they are real, they're not who i think in my head, they are themselves and they are my sisters. i am overly blessed.

i am continually awe-struck by how God always answers my prayers, my hopes and fears, how He always speaks and is speaking. and how He speaks right to where i am, where my heart is struggling or confused or wondering. last night, He spoke through this little wooden name-plate i received as a little girl and have no idea why i've kept it or brought it with me... until now. He said to me, "heather. my beautiful flower. the Lord is a sun and a shield; no good thing will He withhold from the upright." (psalm 84:11) and for me, that is exactly what i needed to hear. He is good and His promises are forever and He is faithful to keep them. especially when the verse before begins "better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere"... and A thousand, not thousands like the song, but one thousand, like my three years like the truth it has become in my life that i am so glad i followed my God and now i can see and it is true that it is better to be here where i am right now for only one day, there's even that much joy and truth and real abundant living in one day than in a thousand if i had stayed where i thought i would be more comfortable and happy. and how He has shown me that promise is true more than any other one, so i can also trust His next verse, His next promise to me, and so i will wait on His timing to reveal what He has for me because He is good and faithful, He is a sun and a shield, and He will not withhold good things from my life, because He loves me and sees me as a beautiful flower, as a joyful spirit, as His child. He knows me so much more than i even know myself and He loves me so much better than anyone else ever could.
for [my] Maker is [my] husband- the Lord Almighty is His name- the Holy One of Israel is [my] Redeemer; He is called the God of all the earth! isaiah 54:5

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