i wonder how jack would feel about his stories' characters becoming poorly made action figures in mcdonald's happy meals. this is how the world will now see peter the magnificent, susan the gentle, edmund the just, and lucy the valiant. and jadis did nothing in her defacing of Aslan, binding, shaving, and muzzling Him, nor did puzzle shame Aslan in his lion suit, in comparison with this plastic rendition of the King, the Lord of the whole wood, not safe, but good, who has swallowed up whole kingdoms, son of the Emperor-Beyond-the-Sea, King of Beasts, who ends sorrows and brings the spring. and so this is why i won't be watching the movie... because lewis' words are so well written that every time i read narnia, i am alive in joy and i know MY Aslan better... i read these books and in each one, i cannot help but say to myself, "that's MY Jesus, that's MY God..." though Aslan may be only the author's imagination of what God would look like in another world of talking animals and fauns and giants and nymphs and marshwiggles, He IS my God... He is the same good, forever-loving, just, sovereign, beautiful, and untame God that for whatever reason, i have been allowed to know in this world. and every time i read these books, i come out knowing that King better and falling more deeply in love with Him. it breaks my heart that so many people will "just watch the movie" instead of reading such a beautiful love story.

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