and everything in this moment is right.
the way the sun shines through the water as i wash my hands and
the perfect warm breeze and
that smell of summer but with a fresh tone to it.
the quietness of the morning and
the hum of the fan and
every now and then a bird mingles with the sounds of the road outside.
it is last night
cicadas and coffee
being loved by a friend who knows
how to care
how to love
and yes, how to flatter
it is long-awaited reading
of poetry, of which i will tell you the author
but not yet the title, for it might give you
preconceptions of what you will hear.
it is a taste of someone else's passion
and the moment that makes
her heart swell.

and the best part of this moment is that
it encompasses true peace, the true mellow
of my heart
and not just the uncomfortable quiet that has been
my last few weeks or months
because i have heard some of the quietest, truest words
that have made the biggest ripples in my heart:
to know that God is real if only because of the rejection,
body and soul, of the statement that He is not.
to ask what is faith but the assurance of things hoped for,
but not yet seen - and so many of them are.
and to remember that there may be victories, but
more often there are losses in this struggle,
that goodness does not always prevail in the time frame of our lives,
but that God will not give up, even if i do, on His goal, His dream,
which will come to be
in the fullness of time.

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Christa said...

this is beautiful.