"The call to simplicity and freedom for Christians is the call to move from achievement-oriented spirituality to a life center on a shared vision of relatedness to people and things, a relatedness of gentleness, of compassion, of belonging to one another." - Richard Bower
That faith isn't about achieving something, but about relationships, God's love. I truly believe that Christianity begins and ends in God's love... So it is hard for me to evangelize or even explain my faith... I am a Christian because God loves me, more than I have ever been loved or can comprehend... Because in God, I know I am loved no matter what, and I know God understands me, knows my heartbreak, knows my faults and insecurities and the problems that come out of me because of those, ... and in that God loves me just as much or more than when I am doing something right... all else of faith comes out of that... trusting and seeking God's will because God knows me better than I know myself and knows where I will find fulfillment and joy and growth, seeking justice because God's love fills me to overflow and desire to love others in the same way (though my own love is always faulty, or most often, half-baked), and it is hard to love someone when you are oppressing them or dependant on their place beneath you or as cheap labor that sustains your wealthy lifestyle. But if it is not love that is authentically prompting these things, they are... I don't know... not enough... lacking. Empty? So I see Christianity about love, how love acts, what it demands, and its unconditionality, and the Bible as a story of God's people beginning to understand that love, going through a journey of that love.

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