and so, as i lay there in my rare bath (of only a handful each year), tiny droplets of water bouncing off my chest onto my lips and eyelashes like a thousand tiny kisses, the warm water wrapping around me like a soft blanket, i thought, "bathtubs are a sign of riches." and i knew there was nowhere else i wanted to be in that moment.

and as i thought back on the way things used to be, where water gathered from wells or other sources had to be heated in a tub, where rivers and streams were the bathing places, i remembered the wealth in having water, from tap, and already heated, pouring down onto me.

and so i want to remember these riches as they are... riches. not to be taken for granted, but enjoyed fully and as a special treat, knowing i am blessed to have this magnificent comfort. i want to find the richness and vibrance, the deep colors of life; i want my life to look like those bright colors- i want my life to look alive.

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