hey y'all. come to my conference. fo' real. it's gonna be tight.


The Lifestyles for a Sustainable World Symposium seeks to gather those from the San Diego community in order to search together for more hopeful and sustainable ways to live in our world. We find ourselves in a cultural and economic context where our everyday habits, household practices, congregational lives and business practices on the whole participate unreflectively in the gluttony of our modern hyper-consumer world. We hope to find practical ways to choose new creation and hope rather than continuing in patterns that are destructive to the environment and exploitative to our brothers and sisters around the globe.

We come together for this event to better understand how to live out sustainable practices in our lives and identify the powers that influence our choices. We hope to create space for dialogue between people with different stories, to experience the interplay between spirituality and sustainability, and to find practical actions for our own lives as well as ways to be a part of greater societal and structural change. We’ll have two keynote speakers, relating sustainability to the scientific forces behind our changing environment and to our spiritual and faith practices and beliefs, workshops that look at both the theory and practice of sustainable living, and conclude with a common meal where we can together review what we have learned and begin to practice these lifestyles of sustainability.