i am so blessed by the people in my life... how do i continue to meet such amazing people? i realize more and more my identity as an extrovert... how, despite my sometimes shy-ness, i truly gain my energy from being with people. and this weekend, though long and busy, was not exhausting or stressful, but energizing, because i got to be in the company of so many people i love. and i am so glad i got to end it at the hawthorne house. being in community with children and eating a common meal are two of my favorite spiritual practices, two of the most visible and hopeful ways i see of being the church and learning to love one another. how am i so rich in friendships? i am so overjoyed, i cannot stop smiling, for my life is surrounded by so much love and beauty in the hearts of the people i have been blessed to get to know during my short time here. i truly find the abundance of life in my relationships.

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