gosh sakes. i hate chicago traffic. 30 miles in 1.5 hours is no fun. i am so glad to be leaving the big-butt intrepid at home. i like having few material possessions.
but i do like driving while the sun is setting, with the orange-red sky lighting the wheat stalks along the highway, the red light softening every tree and flower, cascading through my windows onto my skin, silhouetting the farm-houses and silos along the road, melting into a beautiful navy dusk as the huge red sun sinks beneath the earth, slowly becoming a piercingly dark night illuminated by the thousands of stars i miss so much in the city.
and coming home to my two beautiful sisters, both so gifted in their own ways, both amazingly creative.
i am blessed.

on an unrelated subject: who in the world nominated me for homecoming court? and why? i don't think i've stopped laughing since i found out. i love it.

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