i just want to stop. and thank you baby.
in the margins of my lecture notes:
i want to go apple picking in an apple orchard i want to wear a sweater and go on a walk to see the fall colors i want spin around in circles a hundred thousand times and fall down in laughter i want to skip through the streets holding hands i want to get lost in a maze of corn i want to sit in a pumpkin patch i want to go camping and watching the stars under a blanket i want to jump in a pile of leaves i want to carve a jack-o-lantern i want to be giddy-scared at a haunted house i want to go on a hayride and drink apple cider i want to breathe in the cool crisp fall air and taste its life i want to know i'm tiny and dance in my insignificance and Your greatness!

anyone want to join me? i'm excited for fall.

more joy: my tiny disfigured kitchen is danceable! i just danced in it. to "let's get it on."

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