wow... i wake up to a loud crash... a car wreck, i think,... but then it keeps going, and my house starts to shake, it feels like the walls of the new building down the street are falling... and yet the sound continues... i go downstairs, there is a car now perpendicular to where it was parked, a chunk out of my house, and the fence next to my house destroyed. some very very drunk person, already being chased by the cops, must have thought that there was an alley or street behind my house instead of a river, rammed into a parked car in front of my house, destroyed its side, and tried to go between my house and the apt building next to me. after several times hitting my house, running over the fence, and hitting a tree, it reversed, turned, drove along the sidewalk, knocked over some trash cans, and went back into the road. craziest thing i've woken up to in a long time. maybe ever. although that huge crack of thunder last semester was pretty sweet, too.

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