in memory...
a prayer i wrote in my prayer journal freshman year...
Father, I thank You so much for putting Matt in my life. He has blessed me in so many ways. Lord, You have given me a picture of a servant's heart, a selfless, giving heart, in him. Lord, I long to be molded to be like that heart of Yours. I long to be selfless. I long to be a servant - I long to be always giving of myself and filling others' needs... I thank You for Matt's faith - it's so encouraging to see guys who are truly devoted to You. I pray that I can take the time to really get to know that part of him better and see how You are working in his life. Father, I pray that You will give Matt Your wisdom and that You would reveal Yourself to him every day. Father, You are the joy!... Father, I pray that You would open his spiritual eyes to all that You have for him. I pray that he can see Your blessings poured out on him every day. Father, You are glorious! Lord, You are above all! You are all the joy in my life, and I pray that You could give the same joy to him, and more.

God, i don't get life right now... it feels like everything is falling apart and things don't make sense... and i know that time is a healer and someday i will be able to move on, but still, things can never be the same.

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