what a beautiful day. amazing. truly.
i wake up after
a night of joyful rest in which
i have seen many wonders:
a beautiful lightning bolt that made
my dream-self jump up and down with excitement,
good friends, much missed
one of whom i will have to miss
for much much longer...
but it is good to make memories and
see him in my subconscious even though
my waking self will never
be able to do so again.
and so there is joy in my heart
as i wake to a celebratory mariachi tune
on my alarm clock.
the sweet songs of many birds
almost like a jungle-scene,
quiet and meditation
with the sleeping cats
on the balcony, and then
off to the library, which brings me riches
in the form of a plastic card
and a new friend.
i ride bike to work
and see people
of every continent
and only a handful of european descent,
a treasure i greatly enjoy.
i rediscover my desire and love
for what i do, a passion to
learn the truth about the world
and economics and history and
to open eyes and worldviews...
supper and a spectacular sunset
and then a film on
real struggles and
good dialogue with
good people.
peace and love and
all is right again
in my heart.

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