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...Love... I don't know, I feel like it should do that, even just be validating who someone is... letting them know they are valuable, worthwhile, desired.. .that they are lovable... frees them up to be more honest, real, vulnerable... or just who they really are. It's like that verse - perfect love drives out fear - the fear of being rejected or disliked, deceived or laughed at - knowing you will be loved no matter what means that you can be free to act as you really feel, say what your heart is relaying, work things out. You don't have fear of being hurt as much, so you are able to give more of yourself up to others, able to discover who you really are, be open about your imperfections, try things out and fail - because there will be someone- or some others- there to still love you and say you're lovable and valuable.

You can travel through your journey of life without always being afraid of stepping off the path, and to run and dance along the path, to skip and leap and spin instead of making such tiny, measured, careful steps where each one has to be exactly right. This way is also more fun - not to mention you get farther, even if you have to get back on the path after trying the wrong side road a few times. So maybe that's part of what partnership is- being able to encourage one another to be fully alive, to fulfill your dreams, to dare to make a mistake. To live out your destiny. To discover who you were meant to be. To step out of the ruts of the measured life and try something scary.

I think maybe this is a little glimpse of something of God. It's like what Sarah was saying about how we as a body pull out the God inherent in each one of us, and so we together become more of who we were created to be. We learn from one another, resonate together, challenge one another, as a whole become more fully human; fully real- and in that become more fully like the God whose image is in each of us. I want this kind of dirty, sweaty, growing, living love - in community and in covenant.

Dare to love, dare to live. Dare to be real and take risks. And learn. And change. Always change. Always in motion, always on a journey, never arrived, always dancing. And finding joy in learning how much more there is to learn, because though if at first it is overwhelming, it brings hope of a more real life and an abundance of more joy out there to be discovered. And confusion is okay along the way. Even good.

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