you will miss me, i will miss you.

today, eating a carrot pulled directly from the ground and listening to african lullaby as i do my writing bring me joy. also this song some funny people sang to me this morning:

From this area you say you are going
We will miss your red hair and dimpled smile
It's just great that you came to San Diego
Where we've given ya' love and grief fer awhile.

Now you're gonna go be a Catholic Worker
Be a biblical anarchist they say
Just remember to look into those dumpsters
Before you dive... and are in all the way.

Your family will be across the River
The Big Muddy that just keeps rollin' on;
But the part of St. Louis you'll be livin' in
Has your family askin', "What's goin' on?"

God has called yet another young prophet
And there's lots there for her to speak to.
So we give you a hug 'ere you leave us
Arms of justice and tenderness too.

...smiles. that's all i can say. smiles.

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