the cat is sleeping on my bed again, and she is using my camera for her pillow, and i think she must have fallen asleep reading the last battle, because i'm pretty sure i left it on my nightstand. but then, she might be having kittens, and my mom did read me those books when i was quite young, so it probably all makes sense when you think about it.

my favorite new pastime includes my bedside fan and my pineapple-scented bubbles, and i like to let the fan blow bubbles until the room is full of them. when other people blow bubbles, i like to eat them.

what is life for again?, because i think i've forgotten and yet i think i'm on the right path, loving people and learning new things like how to speak spanish and maybe some carpentry and i've been discovering lots of new things about myself, but still somehow i feel this thing in the back of my mind like maybe something's missing, but what? and integrating is hard, especially because there are a million things to be integrated, and sometimes they seem a little opposite of one another, you know?

but anyway, i think i need a nap. we took sarah to the airport early this morning, and yeah, i miss her already.

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Sarah said...

hooray for pineapple bubbles... mine smell like fresh lemon :) miss you much!