la primavera

i am amazed by how much the sunshine and beautiful weather, the crocuses coming up and getting my hands dirty working in the soil are awakening me, bringing me back to life. i feel like a completely different person, smiling, laughing, dancing, hugging more. i can't believe the wonders the sun has done for me. this spring, i want to be more alive... i want...

to spend a lot of time in the garden, prizing
the dirt underneath my fingernails as a reminder
of the things that will soon be growing
to dance and spin in the sunlight
(especially while tickling little batmans
and laughing uncontrollably)
to read under trees, and fall asleep while wondering
at the way the light comes through the leaves
to get involved in the immigration conversation and
learn more about the new sanctuary movement
to spend a lot of time with the strong women in my life
who give me inspiration and whose presence helps me
to better know myself
to worship my God in this earth She has birthed and
continues to rebirth each year and day and minute and moment
and seek the Kingdom of justice
and of love
that is strength and organic and sometimes a little
sweaty and dirty,
but is so real that it is with me, as i am, each day
even in those hard days
to spend a lot of time creating...
creating love, creating art, creating community;
to allow the creativity within me each cycle to
release and be born tangibly into this world

i am so happy for spring. i have missed you, sun!

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