i love mondays with christine. certainly soulmate material. it is good to understand, to be understood, to share joys and God's blessings. thank You for amazing friends, even if only for seasons of life. thank You for clarity of mind, even if it only reaches a few hours until i forget again.
God thinks i'm funny, too.
every girl deserves flowers and chocolate. especially those who are beautiful and strong and real and made for something amazing.
i want to be a pirate. notes from my pocket: poofy sleeves, white shirt, button down. cloth belt. eye patch. one hoop earring. BIG beads for other ear and/or for hair. buckled high-heeled shoes - huge bow. bangles. insane eyeliner. head scarf. really stringy hair. high riders! plain white tights.
you know what? i know God is good, so good. but if i REALLY knew how good He is, i would be different. wouldn't you?
although i'm excited for autumn, the warm is beautiful too. the chill and then the cold will come soon enough.
it is so good to rejoice in the now.

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Christa said...

Those costume plans sound INGENIOUS.