mmm... good life.
learning massage from my therapist roomate... enjoyable. hopefully i can use it as a way to love those around me. i feel like i've gained so much respect and love for the human body in the last few years, that i've seen how amazing it is and how God's done something beautiful in it... and i think this teach me even more awe.
laughing with my roomates, seeing how they've grown and matured, both in body
justice class... the best part of my schoolweek. i love how joyful and frustrated i feel after i leave- that i long to sit and listen to the wisdom and passion kazi exudes as he speaks, to read every book ever written on the subject of justice, to know what it truly is and how God's heart longs for it, to be real and honest. and to talk about the struggles and hardships of those around me makes my heart race- to see injustice and know that even if our actions won't change everything, they can change something, like in the oscar romero prayer we pray to close many classes. and frustration in the selfishness and greed of our nation, the individualism that says, "i have to look out for number one" and ignores our neighbor in her need. and yet hope in the small victories, in the ways people around us are making a difference. and to leave never the same, always wanting to change and be more and better and to put what i've learned into action. that self-discipline is what will make justice happen, and it happens to be the same thing God told me i'm going to learn this year.
learning to trust God, to know He has what's best for me and His timing is best. to relax in His arms and be satisfied in Him, in being who He's made me and not judge myself by the silly comparison game that i never win. to know a spirit of gratitude that brings true joy for life and loves every moment.
just sitting on the porch, reading in the crisp coolness of the morning from the new cold front, watching the sun sprinkle through the trees, dancing on the road, the leaves flickering, feeling so alive.
i am so blessed. i am so loved. Lord, let me return these favors to You and all i meet. let me be a blessing to others and to show them they are loved.

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